Upgrading to Dynamics 365

Choosing the right deployment option

Microsoft want organisations to be able to select the deployment scenario that makes sense now but also have the flexibility to change later, with choices ranging from full cloud to cloud and edge to local business data. You can move in either direction depending on your business needs. For example, you might start with a local data center and move to the cloud when it’s time for your hardware refresh.

From both a technology and licensing perspective, Microsoft are striving to provide choice and flexibility. Some guidance on how we are offering these deployment choices:

  • New and existing customers will have paths forward to license both local business data and cloud and edge deployments. Existing investments will continue to be accounted for in our licensing
  • Customers can license local business data deployments via a Dynamics 365 for Operations license with Software Assurance/Enhancement Plan or a subscription model
  • Customers with active Microsoft Dynamics Enhancement Plans or Software Assurance, may upgrade to local business data as they remain entitled to access new versions and updates
  • Transitions to Dynamics 365 cloud subscriptions are available to customers with active Microsoft Dynamics Enhancement Plans or Software Assurance
  • Cloud and edge software and services will be licensed under the existing Dynamics 365 cloud subscription licensing model

Upgrading to Dynamics 365, what are the existing customer options?

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