Microsoft Dynamics business solutions are designed for service industries, combining project management, resource management, communication, and business solutions tailored to your organisational needs to help reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.


Hire & Rental

Other Professional Services

Facilities Management

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A very wide range of services can be managed in this way, including: Facilities Management, HR-activities, production support, computer and IT systems – all to businesses; whilst there are a raft of services that are now provided to end users through Call Centre and Support Teams especially amongst the energy and high value capital item providers.

In general there are a lot of common factors. Most organisations want to be able to manage the costs of providing their service. Thus having customers’ accounts that they can accumulate time, costs, expenses, materials etc. against; maybe even break those down into different sub accounts for differing services or contracts for the same customer is required as companies now try to manage multiple offerings. They want to be able to look at logs of calls or service request and differentiate between those that are managed on a regular basis and those that are additional to a contract. All of this then leads down to a billing system that allows for full accountability and visibility that could be made available to the customer through a portal if required.

The management of the customer and their account(s) is one thing. Behind it lies the operational aspects which can be costly if managed badly. When it comes to servicing their customers it may be prudent to look at van stocks, local and distributed warehouse stock to optimise inventory. Having it in the right place at the right time and with a range of products that may change throughout the year as influences on the demand are made by things like weather and geography. Having the right skills in the right place and making sure that skill levels are manged. On top of that there are often certifications for staff to ensure they have been trained and are up to date on legislation. Managing these through a connected system like 365 is easily manageable. Booking time against known dates for certifications and ensuring the right staff are allocated to the right job are all standard features.

But what if the materials are not purchased or used once off – what if they are hired or rented. Management of assets is a complex thing. Most systems like to see things sold and not come back. With our work in the hire and rental sector we have a very good understanding of the processes and the vagaries that come around with differing hire rates by customer and time, operated and non-operated hire, corporate account management by site, company, project etc. are all easily provided. Behind the scenes the fleet or hire stock needs to be maintained and tested where necessary with the correct management of the process to ensure those certified to do so, actually carry out the process.

Why Microsoft Dynamics for service industries?

With Dynamics 365 at its centre, a service organisation can modernise its workplace, provide efficient client service, manage a distributed talent pool, and maximise profitability—all with a low total cost of ownership (TCO) and rapid time to value.

Dynamics 365 lets you choose from cloud or on-premises deployment, with the option to migrate from one deployment model to another, as business needs change:

  • Deployment. Choose cloud or on-premises implementation, using the same architecture and codebase..
  • Access. many features through web browsers, mobile devices, and Office applications.
  • Pricing. Explore models that are simple, flexible, and focused on the needs of individual roles in your company.

Annata Ltd know how to deal with all these things. From the financial to the logistics to the supply chain and inventory planning. Working with the Projects Module to provide financial management information. Contact us to find out how we can assist your Services business

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