Project Recovery & Upgrades

Do you need rescuing?

It is no secret that sometimes an implementation does not always go as planned for numerous and whatever reasons, whether communications, trust failings or just one side fails to fulfil the initial promises made.

It is of vital importance for your business to rely on the software, the processes and the people involved supporting. We have had various experiences picking up the pieces where other projects have failed, and started the Microsoft Dynamics 365 project with a successful outcome and to a high standard. We offer you the reassurances you need and we are here to help you and your business flourish and grow. ibrl find the ‘fits’ to your ‘gaps’ that others have missed, sometimes with standard product or well established partner solutions and smooth over any bumps that may have been left to get your system back on track and working to its full potential.

It’s not always the 365 application. Sometimes it’s the infrastructure set up. Perhaps the systems is running “dog slow” despite those in the know setting up SQL and 365 both to best practice. Our tools and knowledge have provided many solutions to this over the years, and it’s about knowing each part of the solution stack, and how to get them to work together.

There are many reasons projects fail and, our consultants work closely with you investigating the most efficient way to continue the implementation. We provide deep dive sessions to fully understand all your business processes and allocate specific roles to our Microsoft certified experts focusing on all of your needs. We will advise how Dynamics 365 can change different processes you may already have, providing a simpler, streamlined system.

Our Ethos and Philosophy are core to Delivering Success in our projects and we commit to :-

  • ALWAYS hit the brief
  • Work WITH the Customer
  • Provide the BEST person for the job, not who is available on the bench
  • We jointly agree STRONG controls and gates, not unnecessary burdens
  • Regards administration; if it doesn’t move the project on – DON’T do it
  • We utilise STANDARD product where possible, not add unnecessary software or development.
  • Consultants will CONSULT


Whether you are planning to move from one of the older versions say AX3 or AX4 to AX2012 or 365, there are many things that need sorting.

We are already working on an 365 (the latest version) with a client. Not many partners will have this level of work so early so we will have that understanding and knowledge if you are looking to work with 365 either now or at some time in the future.

But it’s not just the latest versions where the knowledge is needed. Various things will affect what route you take.

  • What version are you on now?
  • What add-ons you have implemented?
  • What versions of those add-ons are available to date?
  • What customisations you have done?
  • Can any of the add-ons or customisations be removed to utilise standard product?
  • We utilise STANDARD product where possible, not add unnecessary software or development.
  • Should you upgrade or re-implement?

We have moved large corporates from AX3 to AX2012 R3. Taken smaller private companies from AX2009-2012, in fact just about any combination of upgrade has been completed by our team of UK based professionals. We’d be happy to talk to you about how to best manage your upgrade.

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