Our Partners

At Annata Ltd we are a Microsoft Gold level partner in Enterprise Resource Planning. We provide the very best service for all of our clients as we know how important it is to use the very best applications and systems.

We have years of experience in providing solutions to how businesses can work more efficiently and effectively in Dynamics AX and 365. However various ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) have written code that enhances the functionality of the solution. Utilising these is a far better way to go that developing core code. Annata Ltd do not want to re-invent the wheel. We are proud to partner up with these organisations and provide, implement and support their solutions where appropriate to enhance the overall solution.


Microsoft’s range of products can be integrated together and allow the best use of your investment in the Microsoft stack so far. The Dynamics Package provides opportunities for business growth, increasing productivity and capital. The Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 solution has the answer to a lot of questions, filling the gaps with a powerful tool and overcoming obstacles. Working with Annata Ltd you are also investing in the Microsoft brand. Together we can provide the solution your organisation requires. We strive to provide excellent service, with competitive prices, streamlining your business to its full potential.


Dynaway BLUE is a Manufacturing Execution System built directly into your Dynamics 365 solution, making costly integration to stand-alone MES systems, and data integrity issues, things of the past. Dynaway BLUE is optimised for the factory floor and based on more than 10 years of experience delivering software for the BLUE collar worker!


AXtension® business solutions close the gap between standard functionality and specific (industry) demands. As a result, users can increase the ROI of their platform investment, increase bottom line revenue and safeguard future business. AXtension® business solutions can be used across all industries, from manufacturing to Professional

Services Organisations (PSO). They add competitive power by improving employee productivity and lowering operational costs. Our solutions also help to reduce errors during business processing and enable decision makers to quickly respond to shifting market patterns and capitalise on new trends.

Red Maple

Red Maple solutions enable your company to get more from existing investments while reducing training time and increasing productivity without sacrificing security.  Because we leverage the entire Microsoft platform, you can continue to use powerful solutions like Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft SharePoint Server, which are already integrated with Microsoft Dynamics™ AX.

Atlas (Globe Software)

Consistent with extending the reach of enterprise systems, the new Atlas desktop client, allows you to access your enterprise data outside of the Microsoft Office system with an all new app. This gives users another collaborative experience with dashboards and visualisation canvases.

Annata 365

Annata delivers technology solutions and professional services to businesses -customers and partners- who strive to maximise their market value, excel in customer service and sales, attract new business and resources through investment and operation of world class software and solutions.

AGR Dynamics

AGR Dynamics is a demand and supply chain planning specialist company offering software and consultancy solutions that optimise the flow of goods throughout the supply chain for distribution, retail and manufacturing companies. Their main expertise is in the field of inventory planning, offering an inventory planning and optimisation solution to businesses that rely on inventory management to optimise their profitability and cash flow.
AGR Dynamics offer a suite of modules, embedded into Microsoft Dynamics AX that cover demand and supply planning, forecasting and inventory optimisation. With improved supply chain planning and executive process comes the benefit of balancing key availability with least amount of inventory, reducing lost sales and replacing time-consuming manual processes.


Demand Forecasting for Microsoft Dynamics D365/AX from Farsight Solutions is a fully integrated Dynamics D365/AX module that calculates forecasts of future demand (demand planning) for items based on sales order or invoice demand, and optionally production and projects demand, providing a powerful tool that enables companies to intelligently plan ahead. Users can compare forecasts against history and manually adjust figures easily & conveniently, with graphical presentation of information to clearly display seasonal and other trends.

Tasklet Factory

Tasklet Factory concentrates all their resources on the development of outstanding & powerful software solutions for Mobile WMS. For more than 10 years, their team has been involved in the development of mobile applications and integration to Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV. Their mission is to optimise their customer’s work processes and create value by providing the best solutions on the market. They aim to be the best through user-friendly interfaces, easy customisation, flawless ERP integration & brilliant service.