Outsourced Services Provision

They say we’re becoming a service orientated economy and as more and more processes become ever more technical or complicated, a lot of people and businesses are looking to outsource these processes to companies who could provide a better, more efficient and more effective service at a lower overall cost. The range of services now being offered is constantly growing.

Customers often feel better if they have taken out some insurance with pre-planned and / or preventative maintenance in place. Of course contracts are often different and differing levels of service are offered to different customers some at fixed price, some on a T&M basis and often a mixture of these. Whether it’s managing costs to be recharged to clients or just assimilating the data to ensure management of project profitability, Dynamics 365 allows all material, labour time and other associated costs to be captured, reported and analysed. Managing that process well requires the best of management systems, Microsoft Dynamics 365, working with Annata Ltd to deliver the right solution for your business

Client-centric service

Today’s digital world is progressively changing the way that clients interact with professional services firms. Client expectations are shaped by day-to-day consumer experiences, in which immediate responses and on-demand self-service access to information are the norm.
Now more than ever, building trusted relationships and maintaining a solid reputation depend on delivery of outstanding and increasingly distinctive experiences—not just for a single project or at executive levels, but consistently across all client interactions with the firm.

Capitalise on talent

Talented professionals are a firm’s primary revenue-producing assets and typically account for 70 per cent of total costs. More effective utilisation of available expertise, plus higher productivity through collaboration and best practices, can increase revenue per employee and firm profitability. The key is to recruit the right people, assign them to the right projects, and ensure they apply the right practices.

Drive action

In an increasingly competitive world, client organisations are running faster than ever to serve their customers. Service providers need to operate at the speed of their clients, and their professionals need the right information and tools at their fingertips to deliver instant status updates, make better decisions faster, and execute without delay. Empowering employees to deliver the very best at every client touch point. Microsoft Dynamics offers flexible business applications that help deepen client engagement, increase employee productivity, and drive business results through familiar, intelligent, and connected user experiences across organisations providing legal, architecture, construction, engineering, accounting, and consulting services.

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