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Microsoft Dynamics 365 has been built to satisfy a large portion of a range of Service related industries and businesses. The ability to record activity and materials against a specific project or manage activities and materials against a customer or advertiser is standard and can be manipulated to reach the requirements of most businesses. Managing various bank accounts, specific materials for specific clients, various time billing segments, differing client activities that can each have their own project which can be rolled up or down as required, are all capable of being handled.

Industries including, Accountants, Advertising and Media, Law Firms, Publishers, Service companies, Hospitality, Health Care, etc. including IT Services can find a solution in Dynamics 365.

With Dynamics 365 at its centre, a service organisation can modernise its workplace, provide efficient client service, manage a distributed talent pool, and maximise profitability—all with a low total cost of ownership (TCO) and rapid time to value. Dynamics 365 lets you choose from cloud or on-premises deployment, with the option to migrate from one deployment model to another, as business needs change:

Deployment – Choose cloud or on-premises implementation.

Access – many features through web browsers, mobile devices, and Office applications. Make sure your systems are up to date when you are on the move and be able to interrogate the business whilst you are away from the office.

Pricing – Explore models that are simple, flexible, and focused on the needs of individual roles in your company.

Annata Ltd know how to deal with all these things. From the financial to the logistics to the supply chain and inventory planning. Working with the Projects Module to provide financial management information. Contact us to find out how we can assist your Services business.

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