On-Premise Infrastructure Management

With today’s business now becoming more 24×7. IT departments are under intense pressure to provide a 24×7 support process. Whether the operations run constantly doesn’t matter. Execs are moving around the world and the ability to gather information and make business decision wherever you requires the systems to be working.

With so many individual skills required for the applications, let along the infrastructure Annata Ltd are proud to be able to offer a Managed Service that allows remote monitoring and preventative measures to be undertaken before systems fail. Often systems are building to a failure and it’s knowing what to look for and how to react that allows us to provide a service that we excel in.

There are many Managed Services providers that will say they can provide this service. Only one, ibrl, has the consultancy services behind that understand how the required best practice when all parts of the system are to work together to provide an system best practice, which is not the sum of the individual elements….

The level of service required can be managed around the Dynamics infrastructure to include or exclude the elements each customer wants, applications, infrastructure, helpdesk, monitoring etc.. Allow us to discuss your specific requirements with you utilising both standard tools and some bespoke software designed specifically for Dynamics Applications and Implementations.

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