Mobile Solutions

Device form factors and the user interfaces people are using are changing rapidly, and more often than not they are optimised for a touch first experience. In addition, new technologies are enabling new scenarios, where personalized information in context is becoming more important to improve productivity.

Now in Dynamics 365, Microsoft have enabled new mobile devices experiences for Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers focused on facilitating a broad set of employees, improving their efficiency while ‘on to go’, and enable them to stay connected to the individual processes.

The scenarios will provide native experiences for both smart phones and tablets, and will work on Windows Phone, Android or iOS. Microsoft’s goal is to make these application experiences personal for the user; social, allowing user to get help from your network in context of the task and provide an immersive experience that is engage and action oriented.

We have implemented a range of solutions for Dynamics AX customers who want to capture date on the move, provide information to management through a multitude of devices and operating systems, enabling staff to be more efficient and effective and providing management with better information, whether in the office of on the move.

Microsoft Certified Industry Solutions

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