Manufacturing with Projects

With larger capital equipment type manufacturing, companies often want to understand how they can see their production order postings showing progress of actual time and actual material in a Project, against a budget, T&M cost charging or a fixed price.

This is a basic requirement that any company that builds equipment would face. This requirement can be addressed with the “consumed” posting type in the project module, where each production order posting creates an immediate Project journal of the same type. Thus in the Project costing screen Dynamics 365 clients see exactly how much material and labour cost have been incurred on the production orders that are linked to the project, even split by category.

The process starts at the Quotation or Sales Order. The ability to create a configured solution and generate a BOM on the fly means MTO, ETO and variants on a theme with links to CAD systems means the true engineering business is cover more than adequately. Add in the ability to track key components and warranty management and future service requirements can also be met.

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