Businesses today have any number of other business systems whether for legislative or business process reasons. Some of these may be in legacy systems, bespoke developments or just simple off the shelf applications. In addition the need to have an integrated supply chain is becoming more important to move information through the supply chain and links to customers and suppliers are part of a way to do business in some sectors. Whether to use direct connections, uploads or portals is a heavy question with many implications to speed to availability, cost and complexity.

With our many years of service we are best placed to advise on the right solution for each requirement. There are no hard and fast rules to follow. Skill, knowledge and experience is what we’ll bring to the best advice.

The 365 Portals have been created to provide an easy way to provide access to the 365 system from outside. Annata Ltd can add all the necessary processes to the portal and in a few clicks you can access the system you desire and provide that to suppliers, customers or employees to complete holiday bookings or time and expenses.

Having the additional certifications to enable us to develop bespoke applications means our knowledge and skill set are constantly challenged and managed. So if bespoke application integration is a necessity then we are happy to manage this for you.

Such is our skill base that other partners call us up to provide solutions for them where they are unable to meet the customer’s requirements. Contact Annata Ltd to find out how we can assist with any integration requirements you may have.

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