Facilities Management

Facilities Management companies bring together multiple activities to meet the variable demands of their clients. Solutions involve integrating people, materials, place, process and technology. The provision of a high quality service is binding if they are to stay in business, “it’s all about service”, and requires smooth operation of all elements of the clients’ infrastructure and continuous management of their facilities.

Strict control of internal and external or contractual resources is essential, as is management of a diverse workforce of on-site and field employees, contracts and suppliers of parts and materials.

Dynamics 365 is able to address issues specific to facility management organisations. Companies will experience a reduction in costs whilst improving customer experience, creating greater customer loyalty and driving improved efficiency and effectiveness delivering improvements to the bottom line.

Facility Management businesses will be able to maximise operations and utilise people, third-party resources, and inventory, both in warehouses and in mobile resources on the road in and optimised and most efficient manner.
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