Distribution and Consumer Goods

As the demands of customers and technology grow, the requirements of your industry are becoming even more complex. Business solutions from Microsoft are designed specifically with these challenges in mind.
We provide ERP solutions for Distribution and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) that enable complex supply chains to be easily managed and policies to be enforced, and easily modified, ensuring you are always ready for what’s next.

How to become more connected

Distributors rely above all else on cutting costs and driving efficiencies – the more product you are able to sell and ship, the more profitable you will be. The management of these processes can produce additional costs, such as inventory balancing to ensure you have enough, but not too much inventory.
Meanwhile, supply chains are now global, giving customers more choice. They expect suppliers to be real business partners and provide the right high-quality products, at the right time, as well as anticipate their future requirements. Choosing the best distribution software is key to achieving all of this.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP solutions for distribution help you improve distribution channel performance with intelligent purchasing, real-time visibility of supply chain and products, plus ability to monitor suppliers’ products.

Consumer Products

In a world where brand recognition and loyalty lead to increased bottom line, it is critical to find the right balance between new product innovation, rapid time to market and maintaining your customer base.
You need to change and adapt how you manage CPG operations and how you do business with customers. Using the portals and questionnaire functionality, different methods of feedback and collaboration especially on social channels can provide immediate source of real time consumer insight.
Offering value added services to your customers, such as dedicated warehouse, can also give you a competitive edge. Just-in-time delivery service is becoming a must along with order fulfillment services for retailers who choose not to maintain their own inventory.
Whatever type of products you produce, whether it is proteins, dairy, appliances, food and beverage or automotive, the built-in industry capabilities within Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides you with an ERP solution for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) that is not only ready for today but ready for whatever is next.


For distributors, operational effectiveness is essential, but no longer is the business just a process of moving product from one place to another. Distribution processes are getting more complex, and to improve distribution channel performance you need to manage changing regulations, have an effective inventory control, and use technology as a differentiator.
The ability to focus on profit and value creation is the difference between success and failure. Distributors must identify new, faster (yet less costly) transportation modes and then find a way to extend those cost savings back to the customer.
Dynamics 365, distribution ERP software, removes manual process and provides distributors a single solution built to provide operations and logistics excellence, while also offering 360-degree visibility and control throughout the entire supply chain. It also has manufacturing, retail and project management capabilities.


The workforce is aging and tech savvy millennials are entering as both consumers and employees. Customers expect a seamless experience that’s tailored to their needs and delivers right away. If they don’t feel valued, their feedback is instant and swiftly posted on brands’ or third party social networks.
This changing demographic means CPG and Distribution companies must have the infrastructure and talent to connect with customers on their terms. They must listen, learn, and respond using tools that integrate across social channels. CRM system for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and Distribution enable this connection and organisations using it are outperforming companies who haven’t restructured around customer focus and responsiveness.


The connection to customers is a particular challenge in CPG as the primary relationship is with the Retailer and not the consumer. Sales are undertaken online, at a customers’ place of work, or anywhere the sales staff interacts with them in real time, checking inventory, and monitoring KPIs.
Utilising the CRM functionality 365 can help your sales force to focus on what’s most important to your customers, win faster with the right tools and information, and sell more with a toolset that effectively manages and enhances your sales efforts.
Make every customer conversation more relevant, valuable, and productive. And sell more with better insight, understanding, and pipeline confidence.

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