Discrete Manufacturing

Work smarter than ever before with intelligent tools for the modern workplace. Bringing together the best from Microsoft, Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables you to make smarter decisions, redesign business processes faster and fuel business growth.

In the last decade, few industries have been impacted by rapid advancements in technology quite like manufacturing has. As manufacturers look to manage the opportunities and challenges that technology has delivered, many are looking back to the source to help them thrive in this new environment.

Dynamics 365 is empowering manufacturers to improve their speed of doing business through connected operations, driving business today and into the future. From helping manufacturers accelerate product introductions, develop more agile shop floor execution and deliver more intelligent order fulfilment.

Many manufacturers unfortunately still see technology and computer systems as a necessary evil rather than a tool to help them gain bigger market share, better profitability and improved customer service. However an integrated solution taking the process from managing proposals through the CRM module, to forecasting, to order completion, to manufacture, distribution and any warranty and service management can provide many benefits. Linking in to online portals for customers and suppliers allows the movement of information without the need for manual intervention. All linked together with a full management reporting suite behind them allowing access to reports and information from wherever in the world you are with whatever device, from Phone, to tablet to PC.

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