AX in the Cloud

The cloud is a ‘now’ technology that is rapidly expanding in the market and according to Microsoft and major business analysts, will soon be the common technology for business application deployment.

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Private Cloud

You’re not sure about putting your whole IT systems on to the public cloud, or the costs seem too expensive, then there is the option of a private cloud. In effect the world’s marketing people have renamed a hosted structure except that there are now payment options available from outright purchase through to monthly payments. Here the infrastructure is hosted in a secure private hosting environment, all fully managed providing the client with either a monthly fee for renting the software and hardware solution or this can be organised to provide a purchased solution with full management and support. Whatever suits you, your financial requirements or your “capex“ processes best.

Microsoft Cloud

Microsoft have just released the latest version of Dynamics AX – 365. This version’s initial release is for Cloud provision. It has been designed to provide the full AX suite from the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure. This extends the availability of Microsoft to provide not only the office suite (Office 365) and CRM (Dynamics CRM for Cloud) to other major business functions. Ultimately allowing businesses to turn large capital expense into a variable expense based process depending on the usage and payable monthly.

Annata Ltd are already working with a customer on delivering this latest version and are happy to discuss our experience and options available to potential customers to have this delivered.

Microsoft manage 15 server-farms around the world, Microsoft manage one of if not the largest infrastructure “cloud” environments. Utilising the Azure platform any number of servers can be “fired up” to provide the right solution for your requirements on a pay for use process. Some clients utilise these for training, test or development systems where they are ideal for short term usage. It’s pay for use. When you don’t need it – you stop paying. With the latest version of Dynamics AX, 365, configured especially for Cloud use it will be live systems as well that will be growing as companies need a more flexible pricing structure to meet flexibility in demand for IT services and users.
As a certified supplier of Cloud Solutions Annata Ltd can help your transition over to a more flexible environment. With Annata Ltd ’s guidance, together we can consult on the best practise, discussing how to implement a new system or move over your current AX version to the Cloud. Other options are available such as on premise, hosting or maybe a hybrid solution. All will be taken in to account by our Microsoft Certified Professionals and we will advise on the best route to go down for your organisation. Contact us to find out how you can gain from a cloud environment.

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