Aerospace, Defence & Medical Services

What connects these 3 industries? They all have unique requirements, which are not met by traditional historic software packages. From initial product development to just-in-time delivery, any software solution for these industries must be equipped to meet customer demands while adhering to high levels of quality assurance, quality control and industry compliance.

In these industry’s manufacturing, project budgets and schedules must be maintained, with tight control over costs, both labour, materials and overheads. So solutions must go beyond standard ERP functionality and manage all these requirements associated with various compliance standards from international governments and industry bodies.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and ibrl provides solutions to specific requirements for these industries

  • Complete job costing – utilising project based accounting.
  • Integration with CAD software.
  • Estimating and quotation management.
  • Engineering process management.
  • Multi-level bill of materials and reverse BOMs for the maintenance of the solution one delivered.
  • Engineering change and revision levels for parts including date management of implementation.
  • Budget management both original and current and current and their comparison to actual.
  • Project components’ costing – actual versus estimated.
  • Project management – tracking of milestones and activities percentage of completion.
  • Calculations for cost-of-sales and revenue earned.
  • Contract manufacturing management.
  • Contract and project based accounting.
  • Contract and project based inventory management.
  • Batch and individual part traceability including replacement parts.
  • Warrant management.
  • Milestone based billings.
  • Role based security.

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