Advance Planning & Forecasting

Annata Ltd have a partnership with AGR Dynamics to provide additional more complex solutions and algorithms on top of the standard Dynamics 365.

AGR Dynamics is a demand and supply chain planning specialist company offering software and consultancy solutions that optimise the flow of goods throughout the supply chain for distribution, retail and manufacturing companies. Their main expertise is in the field of inventory planning, offering an inventory planning and optimisation solution to businesses that rely on inventory management to optimise their profitability and cash flow.

AGR Dynamics offer a suite of modules, embedded into Microsoft Dynamics 365 that cover demand and supply planning, forecasting and inventory optimisation. With improved supply chain planning and executive process comes the benefit of balancing key availability with least amount of inventory, reducing lost sales and replacing time-consuming manual processes.

Their AGR 5 solution has modules including:

  • AGR Demand Forecaster
  • AGR Inventory Optimiser
  • AGR Sales Planner
  • AGR Promotions Manager

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