About Us

Annata Ltd are a Microsoft Dynamics ERP gold partner and part of the international Annata Group. We have an established track record delivering highly effective Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM implementations to a wide range of Customer in diverse Industries.

We are with you from start to finish, matching our trained and experienced professionals with your implementation team to deliver the highest standards in Dynamics 365, AX, SQL Server, SQL Reporting Services, Analytics Server, SharePoint, .NET and Business Intelligence solutions.

It is vital to decide on guiding principles for every ERP project; During project mobilisation we will always agree with our Customers a project methodology, strong controls and governance to align our common objectives to deliver a smooth Dynamics 365 implementation, mitigating risks and meeting budget milestones.

From the first kick-off meeting, our expert consultants will understand each section of your business. We will guide you through all the different processes of planning, design, deployment and support against the project plan. As we progress through the project together, you’ll start to see the new system develop allowing all of your requirements to come to life and work seamlessly, providing confidence knowing you can trust our service and support whenever it’s required.

It is very important at the start of the engagement to decide and agree the appetite for Business Process change.

This will drive the outcome of whether the project will follow the ideal of ‘sticking to standard’ in terms of the core 365 functionality and drive Business process change or developing the solution further to reduce Business change dependencies.

Sticking to standard
  • Possibility of process changes required within the business
  • High Business Engagement
  • Benefit of reduced development cost
  • Shorter time to deliver the project
  • It will become a larger overall Business programme change
  • May reduce efficiency
  • Easier ongoing Dynamics 365 upgrade path
Allowing functional change – Development
  • Closer fit to your current processes
  • Less overall change for the Business to digest
  • Reduced Business Engagement
  • Higher development costs
  • Personalised Business solution to fit your overall requirements
  • Better Business fit

In our experience a mix of the two becomes the reality and will deliver the best return on investment. But we do recommend some guiding principles to help keep control, deliver Business change and reduce costs;

By considering a Microsoft certified Industry solution, gaps can reduce leaving either a smaller Business process change or development.

Though a series of workshops we would collect the Business requirements and build and configure a 365 system based on what we have learnt.

A first run Simulation would be played back to show the Business processes confirming product fit and identifying gaps were appropriate.

We then challenge the Customer on the gaps identified to see where an existing process can be changed to mitigate the gaps or where the gap is closed within the application.

These are very collaborative sessions between the Customers subject matter experts, IT departments and Annata Ltd . Decision makers are mandatory at these meetings.

In all our previous projects we have adopted this approach successfully.